Battlemage : Great Axes / Firestaff

by Salonikas
Type : General

---------The stuff you want---------
Armor type : Heavy Armor
Perk on armor : Insatiable gravity well
Perk on weapon : Keen
Gem on weapon : Empower gem (sapphire) on both weapons.
Gem on armor : either fire ward or slash one as it is the most common type of damage.
Attributes on items : everything you need is listed below just take whatever you need to reach the treshold below and complete with your character's points.
Early and Mid (0-40) : If you want to level up using this guide go full STR and some CONS, the GA just melt everything use it to kill mobs. Don't forget to tag mobs with firestaff so you level up both of your weapons.

When to switch for the final form of this build ?
Actually, whenever you've heavy int/cons gears with a gem socket on GA you can switch. Just don't do it too early, as you're gonna level up quickly you'll need to change your gear, and being locked beacuse you don't loot GA with a gem on it suck. I've switched around lvl 45. The faction gear is a great way to have a GA with gem socket.

End game :
Once you've reached : 50 dex ; 150 Int ; 200 Cons
If you've any remaining points go either 250 cons, or 200 Int. Acutally the 250 cons is maybe the most broken perk.
I don't think you can reach 250 int with 200 cons and 50 dex but you may consider it.


This build is in a good spot between damage and tankiness.
It's perfect for 50v50 war you've a ton of AOE damage, DOT and selfheal.
You want to play with your frontlane, so you can reach enemy's backlane with gravity well if needed and throw your fireball in.
Remember that incinerate is one of the strongest spell in the game, high damage, hitting twice, applying 6 burns effetcs if it crit, knocking back, and healing yourself.
Gravity well is mandatory in war as it just pack the ennemies and make them reachable for DPS.

------------FAQ & Info------------
"Meteor Shower suck why don't you go fire dash ?"
You can if you feel it'll be better for you. It probably deal more damage but consider that you'll drop the helios rune (or have a sub-opti skill tree aka 2 spell right and 11 points spent left) Plus despite being for general use, in 50v50 you need to have a perfect positioning such dash could kill you because you were too greedy. Meteor Shower is also very effective for zoning points/doors or ennemies stuck in gravity well.
"Why empower gems on weapon ?"
Because Arcane damage isn't weak against everything PvE wise. Also it's a common type of damage so enemy tanks should not resistances beside elemental one against it.
That being said, You can go for fire conversion on GA and Gambit or whatever on Firestaff and then take Fire damage on jewels. It's probably the best in term of raw damage output.

You can send me a message on discord if you have any questions :
Daof - Code B - Bahku.

French translation possible if asked.
Have Fun

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